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  • An agile dynamic language for the Java Platform

    Whats new in version 2.4.12:
    • [GROOVY-5923] - CompileStatic: closure dispatch is sometimes not type checked Bug:
    • [GROOVY-4744] - Fail to extend Java class with public final String getProperty(String s)
    • [GROOVY-5249] - Avoid unnecessary locking in ClassInfo.getMetaClass
    • [GROOVY-5842] - Runtimer error when types down match with Map and Map.Entry when using @CompileStatic
    • [GROOVY-5864] - @AutoExternalize doesn\'t create no-argument constructor
    • [GROOVY-5899] - withObject[Output|Input]Stream - auto detect \'it\' type
    • [GROOVY-6314] - ResourceGroovyMethods uses BufferedWriter/BufferedOutputStream
    • [GROOVY-6327] - Some source files still have \\r\\n line endings
    • [GROOVY-6329] - @Delegate should support including/excluding which methods are delegated to (and optionally complain if multiple exist) - advanced use cases
    • [GROOVY-6330] - Groovy not checking generics information correctly for covariant methods implementing interfaces
    • [GROOVY-6337] - weird verify error with TupleConstructor and Lazy
    • [GROOVY-6440] ...

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